Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A rude awakening, LITERALLY! Early this morning I get a phone call from my dad and sister telling me to call them back immediately; "It very important". Of course, the worst of the worst crosses my mind at that point in time. I scramble to get my phone and call my sister first, knowing she is a little easier to get a hold of. She informs me that I have been hacked; both my facebook and email accounts. Never thought this could be such a nightmare. I have been spending the last 3+ hours trying to get into my accounts. I CAN'T. The hacker decided it would be a great idea to change my password, so when I go to log into my account or even request a password change, I can't. SOOOOOO frustrating!

I am now waiting on the hotmail and Facebook help centers to review information I have submitted to them to confirm that it is ME, so I can have access to change the password. Why is it that these hackers get such a kick out of making others waste their valuable time getting their accounts up and running again? Do they really think people will fall for the scams and send them money. REALLY?!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help me prove that I am ME. As well as getting my hotmail and facebook accounts back without losing anything, please let me know. Your safest bet is to respond to this blog post. I am completely IT challenged and in need of help. I am at my whits end trying to get this resolved. Unfortunately my hotmail account is my business account as well. If you have any suggestions I'm open to them.



  1. Maybe if you tell the last thing you posted on your wall, not through Twitter.

    Mandy McLane via Jan Meyer Tews
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    I copy and pasted it for you here. Something about a $250,000 grant... Just thinking out loud to try and help. Kamm

  2. Ok, so I should stop payment on the big check I sent to bail you out of your hotel bill?? Just kidding...I knew you could sweet-talk your way out of that deal...not worried one bit :) Sorry about the hassles you're going through.

  3. Thanks Kamm, I sent that in an email to FB.

    David, funny :) slowly but surely this is getting figured out.