Tuesday, March 1, 2011

juggling it all...

Moving to Colorado 8months ago was a scary and exciting necessary step. It not only was tough to leave the only place I knew as "home". It was also very difficult to leave my speech and language therapy business, Freedom of Speech. Too many "what-if's"could potentially happen to make me feel 100% confident in leaving my clients and their families behind. However, after hiring a few outstanding therapists and support of my clientele, I knew I had made the right decision; to pursue another dream...it's time to race professionally.

The first few months in Colorado was quite the adjustment. Having going from not having enough time in a day to having too much time on my hands was hard to swallow. I initially thought having all the time I could possibly need to train, was the answer. Well, despite a great 2010 season, having more time to train was not the answer for me. It wasn't that I needed more time to train, I just needed more down time. Time that allowed for proper recovery. Mental recovery is as important as physical recovery.

It took me about 6months to really find my way. By that I mean, finding the right balance. I am now back to juggling it all...I wouldn't have it any other way. I knew there was something to be said about working with my little ones. Speech and language therapy is therapeutic to me as well. I soon realized that just training wasn't going to cutit. It was making a neurotic even more neurotic...balance is essential!

Another aspect that created some uncertainty was sponsorships. Coming into the 2011 race season I am confident in my drive and motivation to create a successful year. However, I was a little nervous about who and how much support I was going to be able to attain. Triathlon isn't a cheap sport, as you all well know, so sponsorships are key. I am proud to announce I have signed final contracts with several great companies, some of which are Specialized, 2xu, profile design, right stuff, smith optic, and first endurance. Thank you all for your support and belief in me. You are playing a vital role in helping me fulfill a dream.

With Freedom of Speech up and running in Orlando and here in Boulder, training in one of the top places in the country with some of the best of the best, and looking towards my future with the love of my life, I couldn't have asked for my plan to unfold any better. I do have a full plate, juggling running a business, training and racing professionally, and planning a wedding, is more than most people would like to take on. I have managed to find the balance I need to be a success...

I am blessed. Thank you all for supporting and encouraging.

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